Alphabet 3 in 1

Alphabet 3 in 1

Multi Color

Learning Skills :
• Language Skills
• Letters of the Alphabet and their Sounds
• Vocabulary
• Observation
• Thinking Skills
• Problem Solving
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Lower Age Limit:-3
Primary Skills:- Letters of the Alphabet and their Sounds, Pre-Number Skills; Basic geometric Shapes and Colours, Numbers 1 to 10, and practice Counting, Visual Discrimination, Concentration
Primary Material:-Paper & Board
Playing Time Period:-120 Minutes
hsn code:-95030090
Alphabet 3 in 1” aims at teaching the Alphabet to the young learners of English language in a fun and interesting way. Using the materials given in the pack children will be able to name the letters of alphabet, say the sounds of the letters and will identify the pictures which begin with those sounds. The game can be played in following way:
1. The child is required to assemble the large puzzle (405mm x 545 mm). The puzzle has 25 jumbo pieces of beautiful scene depicting 100 objects and things that begin with the sounds of all letters of the alphabet. After completing the puzzle, the child will identify and name the pictures beginning with the sound of various letters of the alphabet.
2. To check their answers children may refer to the large black and white poster of the scene where all the words have been written. They may also use their creativity while colouring the poster.
3. By playing the given board game children will reinforce and strengthen their phonemic awareness and early language skills.
The activities given in the ‘Activity Guide’ will further make the learning effortless and enjoyable.

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