Animal their Homes & Sounds(CD)

Animal their Homes & Sounds(CD)

Multi Color

Lower Age Limit:-5
Primary Skills:- Visual Skills, Auditory Skills, Problem solving, Enhances knowledge about animals
Primary Material:-Paper & Board
Playing Time Period:-120 Minutes
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Material(primary & secondary):- Paper & Board
Colour:- Multi
Skills:-Visual Skills, Auditory Skills, Problem solving, Enhances knowledge about animals
Individual Product Dimensions:-27.5x19x3.5
‘Animals their Homes and Sounds’ is an innovative way to learn by listening and seeing. Children learn about 18 domestic and wild animals, their homes and sounds.
‘Animals their Homes and Sounds’ contains 18 sets of 2 piece puzzles of different animals, an audio CD and an ‘Activity Guide’. The child is required to match the animal cards with their corresponding home cards and to identify the sounds of the animals with the help of the CD. The activity guide has various activities that involve observation, listening, and identification and thus helps children not only in improving their visual discrimination skills but also in practicing their auditory skills.

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