Animals, Babies & Habitats

Animals, Babies & Habitats

Multi Color

Lower Age Limit:-4
Skills Developed:
• Concentration
• Visual Discrimination
• Hand-eye Coordination.
• Observation
• Understanding of animal habitats
• Vocabulary
Brand Name:-CREATIVE'S
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Material(primary & secondary):- Paper & Board
Colour:- Multi
Individual Product Dimensions:-27.5x19x3.5
hsn code:-95030090
‘Animals, Babies and Habitats’ is a set of 18 sets of self-correcting pieces to reinforce the knowledge about the natural habitat of some of the animals.
It contains 18 Sets of three pieces puzzles each and an activity guide. In this game, Children can identify and name 18 wild animals with their babies names and natural habitat such and how they have adapted to their Natural Environment. The child is required to match each animal card with its corresponding and natural habitat card. The game also helps children in their academic learning as it is a curriculum base game.

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