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Tomafo is an equal-opportunity employer, providing its employees a productive and engaging work environment, free of any kind of harassment based on race, colour, sex, religion or sexual orientation. Our work environment encourages creativity and innovation, inspiring all our employees to deliver their best. Tomafo provides a work environment where people treat each other with dignity and respect and where people’s different points of view are recognized and valued. It does not allow or support behaviour that in any way intimidates or humiliates or is hostile or degrading to others. The Code of Conduct of Tomafo continuously guides the values-driven actions and culture within the organization.

Tomafo promotes diversity, encouraging people with different backgrounds, cultures, skill sets and points of view to collaborate in an environment marked by the three I’s of Tomafo: innovation, inspiration, and integrity. We offer flexible workforce practices, which are reviewed and benchmarked regularly.

Step into our workplace, and you can immediately feel the unique energy, enthusiasm and passion flowing through the people. Some of the key enablers are the performance-driven culture, continuous employee engagement, the robust Reward & Recognition program and focused talent-development framework.

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