Little Learner's Pack-2

Little Learner's Pack-2

Multi Color

Ages : 3 to 5
Skills Developed:
• Concentration
• Visual Discrimination
• Hand-eye Coordination.
• Concentration & Logic
• Problem Solving
• Matching Skills
• Memory Skills
Brand Name:-CREATIVE'S
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Material(primary & secondary):-Paper & Board
Colour:- Multi
Weight:-200 Gm
Individual Product Dimensions:-38*32*5 Cms
hsn code:-95030090

Little Learner's Pack 2’ is a ‘5 in One’ pack featuring age appropriate and child friendly educational games and puzzles. In the pack you will find:
1. ""What’s Next"" to learn sequencing of different activities as the child narrates the activities in correct sequence.
2. ""Alphabet Match"" to learn the letters of the alphabet, their sounds and sequencing.
3. ""Memory Match"" to develop the cognitive skills by recognising and matching the correct pairs of similar objects.
4. ""Number Match"" to practice and master numbers from 1 to 20 by matching the number cards with the corresponding object cards having similar number of objects.
5. “4 Jigsaw Puzzles” to develop their hand-eye coordination while improving the gross motor and problem solving skills.
The pack also contains one comprehensive ‘Activity Guide’ with suggested activities and games to reinforce and strengthen the above concepts.

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