Corporate Social Responsibility – Leading Responsibly!

The TOMAFO Universe centers around a Child; every single endeavor will be focused to bring more happiness & fulfillment in the life of a child.

Since child is the father of the man, there is no scope of faltering with our responsibilities vis-à-vis safety of toys, creating age-appropriate and need-specific toys and promoting best practices & fair production norms in the industry.

Our CSR focus includes :-

  • Responsibility towards Parents -“Play Safe. Play Fair.” That’s how we define our responsibility towards parents. It is the sheer trust of Parents that has brought Tomafo into existence. We are committed to address developmental issues of tiny tots through our toys. We celebrate Good Parenting and take delight in producing such toys that give multiple chances to parents for spending quality time with their little ones. All are products come with detailed information on every toy’s usage & differential features. Safety & hygiene of highest order; that’s what every parent expects from us and we are steadfastly geared up to upgrade the manufacturers’ knowledge on safety issues. We are also going to follow strict Quality norms and monitor the safety standards by random inspection & testing of toys listed for SALE in our portal.
  • Responsibility towards the Society -Product Integrity & ethical sourcing are two concerns of the society today. Children are being exposed to violent & negative-energy toys these days resulting in filling their childhood with unwanted emotions. The situation further worsens when the little innocent minds get hacked by the Smart technology toys that rob them off their playfulness. Continued use of ‘age-inappropriate’ influences children’s cognitive development bringing the social morale down. Tomafo is committed to address the situation by producing toys that children are proud to identify with and cast a positive impact in their growing up years. Fostering acute sensitivity to children’s’ issues in present times, Tomafo looks forward to associating with worthy social issues ranging from child abuse to child trafficking; contributing a part of our revenue to NGOs working for the cause. We also plan to host annual events whereby children from orphanages and elderly from old-age homes are invited to spend time together playing with each other; Tomafo Toys playing an instrumental role in this bonding.
  • Responsibility towards Environment -Tomafo assumes a major responsibility towards the health and safety aspect of toys with equal focus on its environmental responsibility. The group is channelizing its workforce to create toys with sustainability in mind. We are encouraging our product development team to think of Ideas & Toys that are built using organic raw material and are completely safe for the child as well as for the ecology. Even the packaging and supply phase is being evaluated from the view point of carbon footprints as we strive hard to produce energy-efficient & resource-efficient toys that spread a rainbow of happiness in the lives of children while adding more greens to the environment around.

And of course, we hold our entire team responsible towards the audience of this website. We strive to provide the best, the most accurate and relevant information to the user helping him or her choose the best toy.