Kangaroo ,Tortoise and Jolly Burno

Kangaroo ,Tortoise and Jolly Burno

Multi Color

Lower Age Limit:- 14 Years
Primary Skills:- Colour & Shape Recognition
Primary Material:-Metal
Brand Name:- Welby Impex
Disclaimer :- Product color may vary as it depends on availability of stock.
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Material (primary & secondary):- Metal
Color: - Multi color
Product Additional Details:- Metal Toys
Skills:- Colour & Shape Recognition
Brand Info: - Welby Impex
Weight:-0.11(gm),0.235(gm)and 0.049(gm)
Dimensions:-14*15*5 (cms),14*8*5 and 10*6*4(gm)

Kangaroo ,Tortoise and Jolly Burno combo is a attractive offer from Welby products,Wind up the kangaroo and see it jump around taking its joey, in the pouch for a joy.
A replica of SUSI schildkrote by Lehman (1938-1945). This walking tortoise surely seems to be the winner in the race.
Your favorite pet wags its tail in fun. An excellent piece of tin toys, would surely find a place in your heart.

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