Kids Can Learn on the Go Mathematic & Counting Toys
29/08/2016 6:45 AM

Sitting to solve another boring math worksheet can be quite discouraging for the kid. Most of the children hate this subject since it needs a lot of focus and time. The more you do, the more you learn.

Educational toys are a good method to keep the child engaged and help him learn in an interesting way. Playing math games also helps to reduce math anxiety. It is a practical way of learning and so the child enjoys while he learns. Educational toys for babies also enhance their number skills. 

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Get 10% Discount on All Play Equipments
9/06/2016 10:13 PM

Outdoor games are an ideal way for kids to communicate with each other and learn about the world around them. It may seem to be just kids play equipment but they are a lot more than what they seem to be.

Outdoor play equipment boosts imagination. They help in language development and also help the child to overcome mental and physical obstacles. 

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Big Saving on All Toys & Games
5/06/2016 10:13 PM

Toys for kids are much more than what they seem. Most of the toys provide an opportunity for the child to dear one skill or multiple skills at a time. The best toys for toddlers spark imagination and also social skills. 

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Best Wooden Toys for Your Kids
27/05/2016 12:41 AM  |  tomafo

When it comes to our children, nothing seems to be good enough for them. When we talk about toys and that too made of natural material, it seems too good to be true.

Most of the brands are manufacturing plastic toys, and it seems to be a tedious task to hunt for a wooden toyshop. Wooden toys are natural thus safer for toddlers as well. 

Toddlers put everything in their mouth and plastic, painted toys and metal toys are not recommended at all. Wooden toys for toddlers should be preferred. Even if we are talking about durability, wooden toys for kids last much longer than any others. 

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Tomafo online source of baby furniture and accessories
9/05/2016 6:19 AM  |  tomafo

Do you know even the child's room layout, design & furniture influences his or her behaviour? Yes, it is very much true and so it becomes imperative to have the children's room in balance to create a healthy ambiance for growth. Your baby’s bedroom needs to be just as functional as it is fabulous, that’s why Tomafo brings the best baby furniture and accessories perfect for you & your parenting style. Sharing the top five popular baby furniture & accessories available at India’s leading toy portal, Tomafo - 

Baby Cot  - Tomafo offers you the choice of styles in high quality Baby Cots that are equally great looking. Whether you choose an elaborate crib or a simple bassinet, Tomafo is where you get the best quality with the assurance that every product is made in India keeping in mind the Indian parents’ needs.

Baby Potty Seat – Potty training is very important for your baby; wise parents start early. So we suggest that you take a look at the different potty seats, chairs and accessories available at Tomafo. You may find useful stuff like Cushion Potty Seat With Handle or Baby Potty Trainer Seat in different colours.

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Sharpen your kids memory using puzzle games
1/05/2016 11:17 PM

Puzzles are not for kids; they are for parents! Don’t get confused; the simple meaning is that Puzzles satisfy the parents’ urge to invest in their child’s right brain development. Parents put up their best by providing the best of food and products which will help them think & live smart. Don’t we see mothers feeding almonds to kids so that children can have sharp memory! Well, puzzles are equally effective. We tell you how –

Problem solving: Children, who are regular in playing puzzles become well in creative thinking wherein they develop ability to observe, gather information, assess a situation, and find a quick solution to a problem.

Curiosity: By playing different puzzles, kids become curious to know the end result which develops their hand and eye coordination. This implies harmonization of what they see, holding puzzles and use of the brain to place it right.


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Grab your Tomafo Paper Toy and Get Additional Discounts
29/04/2016 5:36 AM  |  Sujata Raj

Tomafo unveiled its cute Tomafo Paper Toy at the Krackerjack Karnival and was distributed in the recently concluded exhibition in Gurgaon this month. This paper toy gives additional 20% discount on all toys and games at

The Paper Toy has a discount coupon with a QR code. Once the QR code is scanned, you will be taken to the site where you need to register yourselves by submitting details like name,, address, and email. Once registered, you can go to , make a purchase and while checkout, enter the unique discount code, and get 20% flat discount on all your purchases.

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Why Buy Kids Toys From Online Shopping Store
30/03/2016 11:20 PM


When you want to buy the best for your kid, it’s best that you buy online. Currently, ecommerce or online portals have completely are simply all around the place. They have brought the concept of ‘convenience shopping’ along with great offers and price variations.

Over the past years the trend of online shopping for kids toys have become increasingly popular. And another good things is that the best of kids toys are available online, especially at exclusive toys platforms like

a) Choice, Choice and some more Choice

Online shopping gives you endless choice or options to choose from because all of you want nothing but the best for your child. With 1000s of pieces to choose from you could just sit back and shop your child’s new best and exclusive buddy. You will find hundreds of best kids toys at

b) Sales, Discount, Offers and What not

This is one stop destination for sales/offers throughout the year and not just twice a year. 

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Safe Toys for Your Children from Tomafo
22/03/2016 11:27 PM  |  Sujata Raj


As parents we want the best for our children, be it the best school or the toys they play with. So whenever we go to a different place, we do not miss an opportunity to buy toys for our little ones. But how can we be sure that our children’s toys are safe.

Yes, it is alarming to think that the toys we buy for our kids with so much love and care might not be the safest. So what is it that is not safe in say a soft cuddly teddy or a plastic moulded car that we pick up from any random place?

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Hook up with Tomafo
14/03/2016 10:16 PM  |  Sujata Raj

Make in India will be a success only when consumers consciously buy Indian made goods. Till now, an Indian toy buyer’s psyche was that imported toys are always better than buying Indian made toys. This was due to the lack of good quality Indian manufactured toy and play concepts easily available on e-commerce sites in the market.

This is now no longer true as the Indian toy scenario is set for a revolution with the advent of new, innovative, and leading creators of toys and play concepts, who have come together under the banner of  


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